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The perfect balance between performance and style has been achieved with the FixxRx Pro Sessions blow dryer and flat iron. Both the blow dryer and flat iron are beautiful and sleek with the highest performance level that I’ve worked with.

The flat iron is ergonomic, powerful, and heats up instantly. I really enjoy the smooth gliding plates that straightens and curls the hair effortlessly, creates high-shine and luxurious results.
— Ray Civello, President and CEO for Collega Aveda
I just have to say how wonderful the FixxRx tools and brushes are! When our owner made the decision to become FixxRx exclusive we were all sceptical being used to what we have traditionally used in the past. That said, we are having great success with retailing as well as the team finds them easy to handle, powerful and quieter than all they have used in the past!
— Nicole, Manager/Senior Stylist at Opus Glow
I am very particular when it comes to my tools. Finding a great blow dryer and flat iron has always proven difficult, until now. FixxRx Pro Sessions delivers high performance, which allows me the freedom and creativity to help me do my best work.
— Tristin Morrison, Creative Director at Aveda Academy Toronto
Just wanted to let you know that we are loving the FixxRx tools. My stylists and clients are really enjoying everything from the brushes to the irons and blow dryers. We are seeing quick and almost effortless blow dries and are enjoying the light weight as well. Thought we would give you the positive update because we are so pleased!
— Rose Scoville, Owner at Capelli Hair Studio
As a stylist on set, there is always a lot of pressure to perform quickly and effectively. I need to have tools that I can rely on. What I like about the FixxRx Pro Sessions blow dryer is that it has the heat and air force that I need to speed through a blowout. The cool shot button quickly cools down sections as I work, which is essential to setting in the style and shine.

The Pro Sessions flat iron is the perfect size to execute multiple styles - straight hair, making curls/waves or using it to heat up other setting tools (like pins) to set texture in the hair, and features a digital temperature display so I can accurately adjust the heat.

When timing is everything, there is no room for error - or to be using tools that will let you down.
The combination of dependability, accuracy, and efficiency make the FixxRx Pro Sessions series the perfect choice for me in salon and as a stylist on set, for TV and photo shoots.
— Kristjan Hayden, Creative Director for Aveda Canada
The FixxRx Pro Blow Dryer is remarkable for its light weight, and high level of performance. It diffuses intense heat with a strong air current. The FixxRx Pro Flat Iron is as impressive with its adjustable temperature ranging from 140 to 450 degrees.
— Pascale Villeneuve, Owner at Salon Kaaz